Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Best UPI Apps


The BHIIM UPI App is developed and released by NPCI.It is the simplest and fastest UPI app present in play store.The interface of the app was very good ones in the app are of blue color and background are white.You can access any of the services just by making a single click.You can complete your transactions or change your bank account with 6 or 7 clicks only.Ratings of the app on google play store ​ is 4.1 which is a good thing and User experience of the people who use this app is very good.I do not face any lag or hiccups while making any transaction.The BHIIM UPI has all important features like sending or requesting money, changing your UPI pin or password, checking your bank balance and also generating QR codes etc.You can send money by using mobile number, VPA or QR codes.In the last updates NPCI, IFSC and account number methods are also given.I don't see any lag issue when making the payments.

2.Phone Pe

The PhonePe is another good app for UPI payments. The app was also known for its wallet services. It is the second fastest app for UPI payments. In this app all wallet services are present.The interface of the app was all good.Design of the app interface is good color combination is fine but features in the app were very good.In all other UPI apps, you can see that the motive of the apps is only using UPI payments.In this app, you can pay electricity bills, postpaid bills and much more.The app also worked well with slow Internet connections.The best feature is it is available in 8 languages so you can choose that language which is comfortable for you.In this app you can also check your bank balance, so you don't have to go back regularly to check your balance and transactions.You can send money by only using a phone number or QR code.If you download this app first time you get 100% cashback on postpaid recharges, DTH, prepaid recharges and many more.

3.Google Tez App

Google Tez app rapidly make thousand of downloads on google play store because of its reward program.In the reward program, you have to refer a friend if your friend download and login in the app you will get 51 rupees in your Tez account you will transfer your money to your bank account.The interface of the app was very simple and unique.Google power this app with four banks.So you can use any of the banks for back-end transaction.you have to know that UPI transaction is done through the bank.Tez app also gives you a unique feature of Cash Mode In this, you can transfer money very easily to person nearby you.You don't need to fill any detail for such transfer.It is a shared transfer.This technology work Through sound-waves.From Tez app, you can also pay for cabs, hotels, restaurants and much more direct from your bank account.In this app, not many features are given but features given are ossum.Now the app supports more than 80 Organisation including national and state electrical agency.The was also has the list of the previous bill paid and also support multiple accounts on one phone.​The app was provided by Google so you can download this app without worry.The app is for both Android and its users.

4.SBI Pay App

SBI pay is the UPI payment app given by the STATE BANK OF INDIA.It is the most secure app because the app was given by Indian government.The user interface provided by the SBI pay is one of the simplest.Transactions can be done by just completing 4 to 5 steps only the user experience of the app was also pretty good.Other actions can be accessed by a single left swipe.It is a major UPI service comprising send and request money.You can use more than one in this app.The SBI pay has many drawbacks like The app speed The loading speed of the app was very very slow.When I test the app It takes 1 to 5 minute to launch on 4G network.It is trusted app because it is given by the Indian government.It provides you best experience to lead an app.

5.Axis Pay
 Axis pay is a great UPI App.It has the best app among all the UPI apps.Developers place only 2 options on the home screen of the app.One is for the sending money and second is for the requesting money.All other options are present inside panel of the app.Which can access by swiping left?It makes the app very difficult to use than the other UPI Apps.Axis pay is secure because of 6 digit password.The app was very fast in use.You must have to add an account as a contact in the app before sending money.Axis pay gives you the option to generate QR codes.It can also pay by Bharat QR code.Axis pay is a very trusted app given by Axis bank of India.Axis pay is one of the critical UPI payment App.All your bank needs can be fulfilled by the Axis pay App.You can link any bank account to your Axis pay account.It allows all account holders to send and receive money by using your Android or IOS mobile phone.You can also pay Your taxes by using this app. Axis pay App offers you banking solutions across Digital channels.

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